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WURS: Word Universities Ranking Simulator

by Matletik

University Rankings

University rankings have attracted increasing interest and gained importance from several groups including students, parents, institutions, academics, policy makers, news media, etc.

Despite the several criticisms, many people think that a university’s position in a given ranking is regarded as some kind of criteria for educational quality. Especially, prospective students planning to go abroad for higher education have been inclined to use the positions of the universities in the rankings for their decision-making processes. Based on these facts, university administrators have felt pressure to improve management practices and been occupied with the problem of how to advance in these rankings. In order to develop any strategy for climbing in rankings, the decision maker of an institution can be able to compute the scaled scores of the indicators for each of the rankings and overall score as well... [Read more]


WURS designed to simulate the university rankings can be used for different purposes. From an ordinary researcher who wants to explore the methodologies of the ranking systems, to an university administrator who wants to formulate a strategy to rise in rankings, a wide range of users can benefit from WURS.

WURS which has an easy-to-use interface is manipulated by sliders and buttons only. The interface window is divided down the middle, with the data visible in sliders to the left, and the results visible to the right. The three ranking systems and the two options for simulations which are the "Scaled scores" and the "Raw scores" are available from the menu along the top. After selecting them, the user can simply drag any slider to the desired position and observe the output displayed in the right hand panel... [Read more]

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